Talk to a stranger, make a friend

Spontaneous encounters sometimes might just make our day.

your city's living room


Socialhaus is a modern rendition of the Viennese cafe, the German biergarten, and the Chinese Mahjong bar; it's designed to compensate for the individualized and scattered world we live in nowadays: come solo, and leave with friends.

We are an innovative space designed for you to meet members of your community. People here are open and always willing to have a meaningful conversation.

Space designed for open conversation

How is Socialhaus different? We are looking to reinvent the way we meet people by removing interactions online and building an offline gathering spot — a “Third Place”, beyond the home and office.

At Socialhaus, we bring together individuals who seek to connect beyond small talk, to have an honest dialogue, and discuss amazing ideas.

A safe, reliable place to come back to

We are a place that's casual and friendly, where chatting with a stranger is comfortable and natural.

It is a cozy, living-room like experience, with warm drinks, ice breakers, and board games.

What people say about us

We provide an environment where people can show their unedited selves.

Some strangers got together over warm drinks. Here's what they have to say about us.

“I was able to have deep conversations with strangers and I don’t know if another setting would’ve worked.”


Loves plants

“I was expecting pompous people bragging about what they do; instead I found real people. It was nice to talk about topics not related to technology, for a while, a long while.”


The world is a feast

“I loved that people chatted about pretty vulnerable and meaningful things. The environment allowed for genuine dialogue and understanding.”


Eats: 떡볶이, 小笼包

“I really like traveling alone and going to hostels and meeting people. And I feel this actually gives me that kind of experience without having me to travel to hostels, and just meet different people with really interesting backgrounds”


Macau native in SF

"The main thing that stuck out to me while joining Socialhaus is that it wasn’t networking. I wanted to be able to meet new people without having to put up a front."


San Francisco native

“There’s not that many social spheres where you can actively dive into deeper discussions or really anything that has substance; where it’s like alright I just want to have conversations, to get to know people.”


Engineer, beach bum

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Get in touch

Follow us on IG: @socialhausco for updates!

‍If you’re interested in partnerships, working with us, or just want to say hi, the best way to get in touch is meeting us in person during our social hours (check out our public events' schedule here)!

Alternatively, we respond to emails promptly so feel free to drop us a note at

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