“Can I spontaneously walk into a cafe, and hear stories from around the world?”

Coco, Founder @Socialhaus

Socialhaus started with the mission of bringing the world a little closer by connecting strangers through sharing a space together.

The city is large, technology is advancing, yet we feel isolated from within. We dream of that “Central Perk” from Friends. We seek that consistent group of people whom we can rely on in having a good time. Socialhaus seek to build that place where we feel fuller when we have people around us that gets us, where we are defined not by what we do, but by who we are.

We bring together open-minded individuals from different walks of life to connect without an agenda. Our space is intentionally designed for the exchange of cultures and unique experiences, hobbies and quirky passions. Through genuine conversation getting to know one another, we are seen, we become more worldly, we find the group to which we belong.

Most social gatherings cater to business networking needs, are alcohol driven, or have specific themes that do not address the fundamental desire to just simply talk to one another. Socialhaus is here to transform the social landscape in the modern era by curating urban living rooms for cities around the world.